Our Manufacturers

Midwest Catalogue

Weatherproof electrical equipment . Here are some examples of the products offered by Midwest; connections for camping and construction sites, generator transfer switches or air conditioner disconnectors.

Trans Canada Traffic

Protection against theft of copper cable in lighting poles, spring-loaded base for road signs and surveillance cameras for speed control in urban areas.


Equipment systems for mechanical and electromechanical protection and for supporting cables and electrical appliances; cable trays, perforated slabs, chutes, cable ladders and supports.

Rees Catalogue

Industrial emergency stop devices, lockable industrial switches and cable activated switches.

FRE Composites

Reinforced epoxy pipeline system with fiberglass and phenolic resin. FRE products can meet your underground, above ground and confined area applications needs.

PMMI Catalogue

Arc-proof protective gear such as insulated gloves (500 to 36,000 Volts), category 2 and 4 sets, full-suit sets (pants, sweaters, shirts, helmets and visors) and a multitude of isolated tools. In addition, PMMI offers specialized equipment to withstand extreme temperatures.

Marina Electrical Brochure

Very high quality electric equipment for marinas. Products include pedestals for power supply in stainless steel or polycarbonate, safety equipment, dispensing equipment and others.

Ilsco Canada

Leader in electrical fittings, compression tools, distribution blocks and neutral / malt bars.

BEL Products

Bel Products specialises in the production of custommade enclosures. We offer the possibility to manufacture enclosures adapted to all your needs. We offer a wide range of colors, heating/ventilation, hardware and accessories.